Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby!

Ice cubes. They bring up pleasant images of summertimes spent sipping lemonade, sitting on a porch swing. Who doesn't want a few cubes in their drinks on a warm day? (except the English - which I simply can NOT understand!)

Instead, ice now relates to frozen...and frozen relates to my shoulder. Until February, I'd never heard of a "frozen shoulder". That brings up images of someone buried in an avalanche; or stuck in a walk-in freezer at a fast food restaurant. Reality, hard as it is, is much crueler.

To understand this story, I have to backtrack to Dec. '08. I was reaching under the sofa with my right arm....and stretched out for something. I overextended it, and it hurt. So, I babied it, thinking it would feel better in a few days. Instead, my movement in the right shoulder soon became more restrictive. The pain was awful when I tried to move it - so I didn't.

One night at prayer group my good friend told me to go see the doctor, 'cause I probably had a "frozen shoulder". I went to see the doc and was sent to physical therapy. I figured I wanted to go for the "manipulation under anesthesia" aka M.U. A. approach. They refused that thought, and wanted me to spend at least two months in physical therapy. I wasn't happy with this decision.

After two months of excruciating therapy, I basically was told to get surgery. I prefer to try a different therapy called hydroplasty - my doc said she'd try to find someone to do it if I don't improve more in a few months.

Until then I'll take my HUGE ONE-AND-A-HALF-POUND weight and work that shoulder over and over. Remember kiddies - don't try this at home.

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