Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol: Group 2

Wow...another night of Idol. Will we be wowed? Or sadly disappointed? Will the judges make ANY sense? Let's see how they did.

Who's gonna get the pimp spot? (last spot). I'll bet it's Adam Lambert.

I'm going to do my critiques as they're singing - and before the judges do. Will they agree with me? Let's see.

Jasmine Murray: "Love Song". Ugh. Bad karaoke at it's best. Her lower register was awful and shaky; she finally showed some better singing towards the end, but it's not good enough to get through (IMHO).

Matt Gireaud: "Viva la Vida" Just didn't like it. His Hollywood stuff was so much better. So sad...I think he's canon fodder (especially being in the #2 spot - usually those folks do NOT make it through).

Jeanine Vailes: "This Love" by Maroon 5...She struts out in teeny tiny shorts (isn't it winter?) and starts singing. Oooh, soooo flat on "mind" and "heart". It's painful. Only good thing I can say is she has nice muscle tone in her thighs. As for her singing, nothing too redeemable - but hey, her boots were uber-cool - that should count for something, right?

Nick/Norman: Ok, before he performs I have to say that I could care less about him. When he sings seriously he has a nice voice, but not nice enough for Idol. His "shtick" is so off-putting I never would've put him through to the Top 36! When he auditioned I was sure it was a joke and he was something like 38 years old. He looks alot older than he is (and not in a cool Taylor Hicks kinda way). He is on now: AAARRRGH! He's that freakin' character, singing, "You're Gonna Love Me". I don't love you. He so does not deserve a place in the Top 12. Believe me, I don't have to love you. Is he trying to be the VFTW pick?

Allison Iraheta: "Alone" by Heart. Oh wow, she's 16. I hope she doesn't make it through so I don't have to hear Randy talk about her age all over and over. Her pre-sing interview from Ryan was very uncomfortable and not good at all. We didn't see much of her before, so that usually means she'll not go through. I don't like her antics, but she has a very strong, soulful and cool voice. Oh great, Randy points out she's 16. Am I psychic? I hope the stylists do something with that hair color and "do". Ok, changed my mind - she tore that song up. So far she's the first one I'd download from the night.

Kris Allen: "Man in the Mirror". His first "Ooooh" was so off key - don't these potential idols know not to start AWFUL? He sang the rest pretty well, but I don't really like the song, so that's a strike against him. Did he pick this song out of a hat? I'd love to be behind the scenes, 'cause I don't think they pick such poor songs for themselves! Wow...Simon liked it? Egads. He seems like a nice guy; and I liked the little bit they could show from Hollywood week. Guess we'll just see how bad/good the others do whether he deserves a spot in the Top 12.

We're only halfway through - it seems like forever (and I LIKE Idol!).

Megan Corkrey: "Put Your Records On". She has more tatoos than Carly from Season 7. She has a two year old son? Her tone is interesting, but very nasally. She pushes through her middle ranges and doesn't transition well into her upper range. Shows very poor breath control. Very breathy in areas like "got" and the last "somehooooow!", and weird dipthongs on "down". Weird shimmying of shoulders; awful dress. Still, even though I said all that, I like her.

Ryan announces Matt & Jessie are up after the break. This is draggin on waaay too long. I believe it's due to having four judges who critique stuff for 3 to 4 times the legnth of the actual singing. Adding Kara was a HUGE mistake.

Matt Breitzke: "Tonic". Another hard-working stiff trying to make it in the music world. He's a welder - that's a pretty good paying job! So far he's singing well; but it's kinda boring. I truly appreciate people who sing on pitch - but he has to be a bit more exciting to get through. As Simon might say, "Very forgettable". Oh wow, spot on; Simon said the same things. Of COURSE he's going to say he would've picked the same song again. Good thing he has a good paying job to go back to - 'cause I think he's heading there. Then again they put through that other dude last week that I thought was not very good (who worked in the oil fields?).

Jessie Langseth:"Bette Davis Eyes". She's a decent singer - but she keeps dropping the ends of the words/notes. I'd say a mediocre performance. You've got to BRING IT for this level.

Oh goody; Kai is next.

Ok, interrupted from Idol for REAL life. My daughter needed help with her french horn work. Said she has to learn 8 pages by tomorrow? Something tells me she was behind a long time ago!

Ok, snuck in to the last few minutes....ya, Adam Lambert was in the pimp spot. I'll have to go back and give a listen to the last contestants off my DVR.

I'm back!

Kai: What's Become of the Broken Hearted. This guy has a nice voice and sang mostly in tune - but WHY THIS SONG? He looks so current - yet he sings so old. Bleh.

Mishavonna Henson: "Drops of Jupiter" Personally I hate this song, but whatever. She did a good job with a load of bullhocky of a song. Judges didn't like it - don't know why.

Adam Lambert: Do a youtube search- he's done some wacky, weird uber-glam stuff (look here) but that boy can SING! He so reminds me of Steven Tyler. He got the pimp spot as I knew he would and he BLEW IT OUT OF THE PARK with "Satisfaction". It was amazing.

Ok, I think Adam DEFINATELY makes it through; then either Allison or Megan vie for the top girl and third spot.

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