Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Gonna Rip Your Wings Off!

Ahhh yes, family game night. While others were watching the Oscars, we sat down to a family friendly game of Scrabble tonight. Of course the youngest two girls couldn't play on their own, so Mom & Dad each took one to be on our "Team".

The youngest, Queen of all the Princesses named her team "The Beat-alls" recognizing that she was spoofing the Beetles AND telling us she was going to whip us - all in one name! So, not to be out-done, my teammate says, "Let's be the Butterflies!". Oh the heck do we go up against the "Beat-alls"? The older children wisely chose not to go incognito - they used their real names.

As usual, the game got loud, and Queen Princess got raucous. Finally, she was laughing so loud she could barely spit out - "We're going to rip your wings off Butterflies!".

Nothing like a blood-thirsty baby Scrabble player to add merriment to the day. Butterflies got the last laugh - we got the most points. Guess our wings will survive and we'll live to battle in scrabble another day.

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