Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why 3Princesses1Frog?

Many people have asked over the years that I've sold on ebay why my username was 3Princesses1Frog. I'd had other usernames, but at some point I wanted to change. A few dinner-time discussions ensued, and between the muffled sounds of scarfing down food and the solid burps of my middle daughter, I actually asked my rugrats what they thought about it. I figured that the girls would be fine with being referred to as princesses - but what about my son? How would my oldest - our only boy - the one to carry on the family name feel about it?

My eldest, my pride and joy, turned to look at me and said, "Well mom, I was thinking of 3Beauties1Beast". Wha-wha-WHAT? LOL...guess that boy does have a sense of humor after all. I said, "Well, if you were considering being referenced to as a beast, I suppose a frog is nothing!".

I'm sure I'll use tons of pictures during the course of my blogging, but here's the run-down on my kids. These first three pics were ta
ken at Disney World a few years ago; upon their father's insistence. You know the kind - stick your head through the hole and they snap your picture. In this case, they must've used an early version of photoshop. I thought that $25/picture was outrageous, and he didn't. Turns out he was right - these pics now are so precious to me!

The Frog Prince: He's now 16, but when this was taken he was 12. His main hobbies now are chess - and he long ago surpassed my feeble abilities at trouncing him.

My oldest Princess:
She's now re-living the Terrible Twos - those years are highly over-rated compared to teenage angst years. Her loves are art (manga), cooking and making AMV's. She is also a gifted writer. Perhaps we'll see her in print some day.

My middle princess is quite the Tomboy.
You usually can find her up a tree - the higher the better. She's informed me she wants to play football next 7th grade, instead of being a cheerleader. She may as well play now before the boys get big enough to smush her like a bug! (and she will get interested in them soon enough). She literally just came ramshackling through my den informing me she wanted to build a rocket, promising that she would shoot her eye out before I took one more picture of her...oh wait, she didn't say that, that was just me. She did promise to NOT explode said rocket in my dining room.

Then there's "the baby". When she actually was a baby, and eventually a toddler, I called her "the Queen" quite a bit, because of the instant authority she had in her voice. I just love this picture of her, so decided to use it today. She's already 7, and that's so hard for me to fathom. I would wish that she weren't the baby - that we could have one more, but that's probably not going to happen. My youngest princess is also an aspiring author - she's been writing stories and illustrating them since she was three. I'll probably share some here. I'm hoping this blogging helps me remember and share all those little moments we so often forget, such as my wee princess' penchant as a toddler for being calm up until we got near a McD's, then saying, "Ma...french fry..mmmmm. Ma...Ma....MOMMMMMY! FREEENNNCH FRYYYYYY!" As her speech improved (which is quickly did) she then reprimanded me in stronger terms. "Mommy - you just PASSED the McDonald's".

Yes, I used to be one of those Mommies who withheld sweets/fried food/goodies to their youngins. As the kids rolled on, the ways of the world eased, and by baby #4 things were much more lax. There is something to be said for being the last kid - Mom and Dad are so much less uptight about things! My kids are generally healthy and happy - and that's all that matters.

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