Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...My Lucky Day first blog. The first time my words will be a voice in the wilder-net. Hopefully it will be a funny and/or amusing one. I like to talk about my family, and hope you will enjoy the stories I share from my unique perspective. So many times I've thought about blogging, and now I'm jumping in feet first. What better day than on my lucky day?

Many people claim that Friday the 13th is soooo unlucky. I've always claimed, since I was a young girl (and perhaps some day I'll let you guess my age!) that Friday the 13th was the LUCKIEST day for me. Things always seem to go more smoothly on that day; and I've never had a lick of trouble with it.

Oh, I can see why many people rue the day's approach; after all, things didn't work out too well for those kids in the Friday the 13th movies, did they? I remember the very first job I had - working at the candy counter at a movie theater when I was ...(ummm...mumble mumble....anyway, my age wasn't important to this story!) and the very first Friday the 13th movie played. And played. And played. Back then movies stayed a much longer time in the theater, so night after night I heard the screams and shrieks of the pseudo dead and dying while happily scooping pop corn and selling candy for movie patrons. I was happy to have a job, and even happier not to be witnessing the slaughter of innocents on the big screen!

I suppose some people would consider it a lucky day if I found a coin (or lots of them? Dollars too?) or drew the winning numbers in the lottery (although that would be nice too). These things didn't happen for me, but I'm still blessed and lucky; I have an interesting and loving family;a few close friends, and that is enough. There are no plastic-coated blood sucking/hacking/sawing freaks chasing me so I'd say today is a good day. A lucky day.

A bit about me: first and foremost I'm a teacher at heart.
I taught music for almost 10 years in a variety of situations. Currently I'm a grad student in education and have stayed home raising the kids for many years while hubby goes to work. While at home I sold on ebay. Over the course of my blogging I'll write eclectic articles about successful selling techniques on ebay, my thoughts on education and teaching, my ranting over adverbs and the "ly" that people have dropped from the English language - and insights to the oh-so-crazy life of four great kids, (just to name a few topics that come immediately to mind). I'm privileged to be their mom - and hope to share with you the joys and concerns of everyday life in our house. Tomorrow I'll introduce the kids. I'll probably even include pictures. The older ones will be mortified, the younger ones will think it's neat. I'll chuckle. We'll be together, hopefully laughing. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

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