Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8

What would blogging be if I didn't mention I was an AI fan? I've read all kinds of wicked and horrible things about the singers and their fans; I choose to take the funny and leave the rest behind. Most of the people who claim they know it all can't even put a sentence together, are jobless and live with their mother until they're 40 - and certainly haven't earned a degree in music. Since I do have a degree in music - I'm tempted to critique their singing styles and quirks as many others do...but I think that Masterclass Lady does that much better than I could, so I'll leave that up to her.

I've watch Idol since
season one; my hubby dragged me over to watch it against my better judgement on the second show - and I was hooked. I've gone to two different season's concerts; Season 4 (Carrie Underwood won) and Season 7 (David Cook won); they were just a lot of fun. I liked almost everyone in the top 10 last season, and so it was neat to meet them in person and see them perform live. I took my daughter to a concert last summer, and she met David Archuleta - her friends couldn't believe it!

My faves out this section of the Top 36 were Anoop, Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and that guy-who-sang-second-and-never-was-seen-before (turns out his name was Rick - I had to look it up). Tatiana sang pretty well but annoys me with her over-the-top hystrionics. Jackie sang actually pretty decently - but I couldn't stand looking at her flopping around like a wounded chicken on the stage. Stage presence is a biggie in my book!

Now the results: Danny Gokey, Alexis and MICHAEL? HE'S going through? Stranger things have happened, of course. Ummm...ok. I liked Michael, but thought his song choice wasn't that good. Thought he might be a wildcard pick, so I'm shocked he's in the top 12. Guess that makes him cannon fodder when we do get down to the top 12. I'd bet he won't be on the tour. But then again - he may surprise me!

I haven't read anywhere a difinitive decision on how the wildcard show will go this time. I liked how they did it in season 2 I believe - each judge got to pick a few for another group of 12 sing off. They even were allowed to pick from people that didn't make it into the top 36. That's where we picked up Clay Aiken.

There are only a few faces in the next group of 12 coming up next week that I even recognize - people who didn't get much face time on the audition or Hollywood weeks. The ones that strike me as the "ones to beat" are Jasmine Murray and Adam Lambert. Only time will tell!

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