Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tell me Something GOOOOD!

This is the Wildcard Show. Woohoo.

Jesse promises to show off her two note range with "Tell Me Something Good". Nope. Doesn't do it for me. Not much range. Meh. I kept find myself wondering if the front row could see up her skirt it was so short. That's not a good thing for me to be wondering when someone is SINGING. (rolling eyes). Better than "Bette Davis Eyes"? Huh. NOT SAFE.

Matt Giraud "Who's Loving You" by Jackson 5. I've gotta say I'v'e never heard this one before. Not my fave performance. Bluesy-soulful Matt? I dunno - he seems still too white bread. He's no Elliot Yamin. The girls are praising him - I have a feeling Simon will trash him. Hmmm..Simon loved the song, then accused him of bits of "Taylor Hicks". Har har! NOT SAFE.

How many seconds are they allowing them to sing? I'm going to time the next one...

Next are Megan and Von...after the break. I have high hopes for Megan - will she fulfill them?

Couldn't time Megan - 'cause the darn dog wanted to be put out.

Oh gosh, did Megan ever go flat on "me" at the end of the phrase "you're not the one for me". Ugh. She's singing "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" that Kat McPhee did. Ugh. Last note was awful too. I had such high hopes. Oh dear - Paula talking about "Joy" and picking the right song....but not LIKING it. Simon says he still likes her. "Not the best vocal we're going to here, but so what you're fantastic". I guess they have her on the "GO THROUGH" list. SAFE.

Von - "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word". Oh my gosh - he's butchering one of my all-time favorite songs. Where's my pillow to put over my head??? He bleeds out on the vowels like "sad". He makes scary faces when he sings. Ok, overall it wasn't THAT bad. Simon called him boring - uh oh. Gosh, even Randy said he lost his pitch. What doooog?? NOT SAFE.

The song was approx. a minute and 15 seconds. Let's see what the next contestant's legnth is....

Jasmine & Ricky after the break! So far, I think Megan is the only sure-thing to go through. Of course, I think that the judges had it picked before they ever performed, but since they're doing so crappy (well, they only had a DAY) they're making it easy to fail them. Why didn't they give them a week?

Jasmine: "Reflection". Her lower soft notes are not good - but this is a LOT better than the other song she did. A bit screamy at the end before the soft part. Again, Kat McPhee did this too. Randy thought it was too big for her - and that is how I think too. Simon thinks she may be back in the running. MAYBE WILL GO ON

Ricky: I was so disappointed when we lost Ricky before - hopefully he'll do well tonight. Oh gosh - "Superstitious". He's KILLING this song! As Kara said, "He can sing his butt off" and Simon said, "Good chops" but then later criticized him. MAYBE WILL GO ON

OH TATIANA GETTING THE PIMP SPOT? KILL ME NOW. We'll see - but they've had six singers - and I'll bet she'll go last. Oh thank the stars - she does NOT get the pimp spot!

Tatiana: I don't even want to talk about her, but I will. Maybe she'll fall off the stage and cry tonight? I can only hope. Her pre-sing interview sounds like she is high as a kite. She's in love with everyone and everything??? She's pouring on her accent - and "Thank you so much". Oh dear..."Saving All My Love for You". A Whitney song? NOOOOOO! Her last run was NOT good. Oh goody - let's see what the judges say. Paula says she never heard that accent before, then said she imitated what Jorge did. Power voice? WTF? Nah. You're wrong Paula. My cat can sing that better. Simon said, "You sung that three times? Told her it was rubbish that she couldn't clear another song. GOOD FOR YOU SIMON! Tats kept trying to talk over everyone - how rude. Kara said she had a new personality. "At least she's not crying and holding her heart". Simon quipped, "She will". LOL Ryan made a faux-pas about "Don't get up for me"....har har. GOOO HOME BEE-ATCH!

ANOOP has the pimp spot! HOORAY! He's gonna sing "My Perogative". WOOHOO! That wasn't the best - but Simon says we need to put personality through and "Cast" this group. Simon quipped at the end he would've liked to have heard another song. It's so not fair to the kids though - 'cause if they truly didn't know if they were going to be singing today, they didn't have the Idol people to prep their songs for more than a few hours. What does he expect? SAFE

Ok, I think Anoop, Megan & Ricky will go through. Jasmine may trade out for Ricky, who I believe they think is "boring". Results after the break!

WTF??? JASMINE is in? Awww...Ricky didn't show enough personality? That's ridiculous. Megan and Tats are up. Megan is going through! She is crying by the judges stand? Was she trying to plead off of the microphone? Gosh, she's pitiful. Thank goodness they didn't pick her.

One more spot left - crossing fingers for Anoop. Looks like the show will run "over" again. My 'puter clock already shows 8 p.m.

Simon tells Jessie she "nearly did" and she almost jumped out of her skin thinking she would get through for a millisecond. Next Von is given the bad news.

It's down to Matt & Anoop. WHAAAAT? Matt made it through? WTF???? OMG....Simon said, "We make this a top 13." Anoop didn't get it at first - but then it hit him and his look was precious. Poor Anoop - he'd just congratulated Matt - and accepted defeat, then was handed this! I had even thought about it myself this season - but was shocked they actually put it in place.

So there you have it...Jasmine, Megan, Matt and Anoop. I picked two outta three! Good choices.

See you next Tuesday! Gonna go through Idol withdrawal now.

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