Wednesday, March 4, 2009

THIS is American Idol RESULTS!!! Group 3

Oh we are for another American Idol results show - where the results are never fiddled with (uh....yea, RIGHT).

My first thought is - why do they have those stools of discomfort up there? Those are the most awful stools - they're uncomfortable looking and unattractive, and they've used them for years. Is Idol too cheap to get better looking stools? Probably.

I love Lil Rounds - but she needs a stylist FAST. Today she looks so top heavy - that top and tights combo is not flattering.

Next is the group sing - "Hot & Cold" (or whatever). It was ok. I was wondering how they'd work in blind guy - ok, they make everyone SIT. Ugh. Alex looked like a fish out of water and obviously didn't know his lyrics. He knows he's heading home.

Up next - a surprise audition? Oh goody - another past Idol coming back?

Oh threw up on the floor - a brief intermission.

1st chair is given to Lil Rounds - big surprise? Not...but I love this girl. She's got those Bugs Bunny teeth; didn't like her song - but I love her tone.

Next Ryan picks the five people in the front row, and says just one will go through. Since Scott is one of them - I'm guessing it's him. We'll hear AFTER THE BREAK. Argh.

WOOHOO...Scott is through. He seems like the sweetest guy. I don't think he's the best singer though. He drifts off key but has some nice moments. It's nice they let him stand center stage with Ryan - no embarassing "lead over" to the stool of deliverance. Only one stool to go!

They stand up Nate and Kristen next. I say to myself - "They're canon fodder - out they go!". Nate looks dejected before Ryan even tells him - he knows. Of course, I was right - they were NOT through....yeah!

Von & Felicia. Von's hair standing up in a pointy manner looks like Spanky! A "no" for both of them.

Looks like it's either Ju'not or Jorge...just as I predicted. I'd be happier with Jorge. Ju'not is cool too. I hope either would be back in the wildcard show....oh, the suspense is killing me (LOL). They'll find out right now? What Ryan?

JORGE GOES THROUGH! AWESOME! Simon looks totally disgusted and bored.

Now to the wildcards. Ryan says the judges didn't know who would go through tonight - yeah, right. It's so rigged - do you really expect us to believe that? They brought back a BUNCH of people - I didn't count to see if it was everyone from the previous groups, but it looks as if they're all there up in the balcony/dance area.

Von, Jasmine, Ricky, Megan

Next after the break - we get four more.

Tatiana???? OMG.....NOOOOOOO! EWWW...WHAT THE HECK IS THAT DRESS??? People are laughing at her bawling. She thanks the whole world. Ugh (rolling eyes). VFTW must be having a ticker-tape parade.

Matt Giraud! Oh, I know someone who will be happy! He's good - so that's a good choice.

Last minute change - hmmm. Jessie! WOOHOO! I think they picked on her so much when she sang before. Hopefully she'll get a fair shake tomorrow.

OH NO! One left! Who could it be??? Simon says they're likable and talented....ANOOP! YEAH! Love this guy!

Oh man....Ju'not did not get through (pouts). Felicia didn't get through. I wonder if they traded Tats for Felicia? I can't believe she's taken the place of someone who actually DESERVES to be there. I would switch Von for Ju'not in a heartbeat. Ugh. Bad choice judges!

Of course - these 8 aren't guaranteed a seat - there's only three left.

They ran long tonight so they cut Jorge short. Meanies.

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