Monday, March 9, 2009

Throw Your Cash Into the Street Before You Spend It to See "The Watchmen"

This movie is violent. So many people have said that. But you just can't understand the level of violence this movie brings unless you've seen it - or fought in a world war. Seriously. With a big blue looking alien dude (Dr. Manhatten) and his alien-looking penis swaggering around in almost every scene; frankly I'm surprised the director didn't use the blue penis to crush people for added shock value.

This movie was so gosh-awful violent, I nearly puked. I wanted to walk out at about 15 minutes into it, and my husband kindly said we could go to the comedy next door, but he had waited so long for it to come out, I couldn't make him leave. So I decided to tough it out.

We both were sorry we did. If THIS kind of movie violence is what people like - there is something disturbingly wrong with people. I had to cover my eyes for much of the graphic nonsense, which really - the story could've been told without it. I know the graphic novel purists would say "No", but as an outsider it just would've been a better film without having to close my eyes every few minutes.

Unbelievably some idiot brought his children. I'm a mom to four children, and never would bring kids without reading reviews on - but whatever. It's "R" rated - what was he thinking? I hope to God he took them out once the gratuitous, insane violence began - which was at the beginning, so I hope they left as soon as it started. I can't imagine what kind of nightmares my kids would have after seeing that - heck, I may have a few tonight.

AVOID this movie at all costs. Save your money. Or just go out on the street and toss it down a grate. Either choice would be better than sitting through this dreck.

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