Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Surprising at All - Buh-bye Sarver!

Well, tonight Michael Sarver was predictably sent home. I can't believe the judges were actually arguing more over HIM than they did Alexis last week! To give him props - he did sound a thousand times better this week - but still not good enough. Besides, the judges are hoarding their "save" for Danny or Adam! So, buh-bye Michael. Of course, that was the last 4 minutes of the show.

The rest of the show was interesting. Danny was back to his regular look; and all were safe that I thought would be except for Matt! I'm not Matt's biggest fan, but even had him that's really weird for me that he could've been sent home. I think the judges might have rescued him though if that happened.

Smokey sang a song with another chick that was NOT good. I loved his solos, but she was terribly out of tune.

Stevie Wonder appeared at the piano and the hootin' and hollerin' began - mostly from the Idol contestants! Everyone was excited that Stevie was in the house, and he just sounded outstanding. His voice is a jewel.

So, that's it...we're down to 9. Who will go next week? Before they even sing I predict it'll be Matt (unless his fan club gets going). The male vote is split so many ways, and I think Kris and Danny split votes with Matt. Can't wait for Tuesday!

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