Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Idol Group - Week 3 It's All or Nothing Baaaaby!

WOOHOO! Another fun night on Idol. I have a love/hate with this format of kicking the kids off the show...but oh well.

First we have
Von Smith - "You're All I Need to Get By". Ok, before I comment on his singing, does anyone get scared when Von opens his mouth? His eyebrows go angular and he just looks SCAAARY. It's so distracting. So NOT like Clay! His singing surprised me - if I closed my eyes I liked parts of it. I hope Von doesn't make it through though - I couldn't watch that week to week.

Taylor Vaifanua - "If I Can't Have You". It was SUCH a train wreck! It seemed to me as if she veered off course immediately - she definitely ran ahead of the musicians, probably due to nerves. Her "liberties" with this ABBA song weren't just liberties - she changed the melody so much it was practically unrecognizable. No doubt she has a good voice - but that was awful. Probably will get cut. The judges were harsh - but it was true.

Alex Wagner-Trugman - "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues" Oh gosh - where do I start. He was so nervous, and I understand that - but he is definitely out of his league. Too shy and too frankly untalented to continue on. Probably a nice kid though. Very poorly sung.

Arianna Afsar - "The Winner Takes it All". I probably could blame a lot of this particular train wreck on the arrangement, which to a certain point I don't think the singer has much to do with. The song arrangement was awful - then it ended abruptly - probably like her singing career on Idol.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS/GIRLS? This is the the ONLY chance to go through for most of them - and they're tossing it aside. So far VON is looking good? Oh gosh, we're in trouble.

Ju'not Joyner - "Hey There Delilah". I like this guy. He's a smooth operator. Like him....hope he goes through. He's stuck in the middle - could easily get forgotten and not voted for....gosh, hope not.

Kristen McNamara - "Give Me One Reason". I don't really have a reason to vote for her other than I think she has potential. Didn't like her rendition at all. The judges are praising this girl - I think - because they have heard a load of crap tonight, so she shines like a STAR. Randy was right on target when he said she did too much with it.

Nathaniel Marshall - "I Would Do Anything for Love". Much like Normund, I didn't want this guy to go through. I think he went through for the dramatic element and total gayity he brought - not for his mad singing skills. I would do anything not to listen to him again. Thank goodness the people that get voted off from the show don't get to sing this year (the only thing I like about this format). He's so fake. Can't stand those piercings. Meatloaf? Really? Meatloaf can do Meatloaf - not this poser. Oh my - the pointy finger of death! He's pointing at the audience! Ugh! He was mostly on pitch - but it was still awful. Simon goes first; says it was verging on excruciating. WOOHOO! Simon!

Felicia Barton - "No One" She sounds like a professional. Her voice breaks on the first "no one" and some times she seems to force her sound far too harshly, but she can work on this. Her raspy soulful voice is just awesome. She was very, VERY good and I hope she goes through.

Blind Guy (aka
Scott MacIntyre). "Mandolin Rain" Very good. A bit creepy looking, but very good. Simon said he's growing on him and would be amazed if he doesn't sail through.

We have seen Lil Rounds yet- guess she's due for the pimp spot (as I suspected).

Kendall Beard- "This One's for the Girl's". She's a pretty l'il thing - oh and for what it's worth, I don't want to see her dad do the crocodile or alligator thing again. Really. I want to like her - at points she sings pretty well. Some times she falls REALLY flat. So far she's my favorite girl even with her pitch issues. I don't think those issues will go away - probably not nerves as Randy said. Guess only time will tell!

They announce that Jorge will be next after the break - so I was right - Lil Rounds will be in the pimp spot. This show is so predictable!

Jorge Nunez - "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me". Now Clay did this song better (IMHO) than Elton John - so this guy is going to have to be DARN good to make me like him. I have to say he has definitely worked out his language barrier problems - I only noticed a touch of accent in there. Ok, he didn't out-do Clay or Elton, but that was a totally respectable version. Very on pitch and a very good singer. Not sure he'll get through - unless Puerto Rico gets on the phone and votes their fingers off. Oh gosh, he's crying at Kara's comments. He's so cute. Maybe I'm wrong - hopefully he has a big fan club that I don't know about. Still think the blind guy will get more pity votes.

Lil Rounds - She has three kids...wow, she looks great! I should vote for her just for that (although that dress is not complimentary to her rear view - simply too tight for that kind of figure). Ok, I hated the song. Still, she has some mad skills - and should go through. Simon complained she sounded too much like the original - I didn't know the song, so ....whatever. Fantasia meets Mary J. Blige? I agree.

Who I think should go through (talent-wise): Top Guy - Jorge. Top Girl - Lil Rounds. Second top highest votes - blind guy Scott or possibly Ju'not.

Who I think will go through - Von (huge fan base); Lil Rounds (lots of pre-show pimping and had the pimp spot - and was brilliant to boot) and blind guy Scott.

Hopefully I'm wrong! We'll see tomorrow night!

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